Intrusive Energy Clearing

What is intrusive energy?

This is energy that isn’t yours and can be harmful if it remains within your physical body and wider energy field.  It can cause a variety of unwanted physical, emotional and spiritual effects. 

Another name that you may see used for some of these intrusive energies is spirit attachment, with spirit release being used to describe their removal.  The clearings I facilitate include a wider range of energies.  More about that later (see What intrusive energies are cleared?).

These energies don’t usually want to be in your energy space any more than you want them and so with love and compassion they can be removed and taken somewhere far better for them (and you). 

Some people are very familiar with these energies and have always been able to feel, hear or see them.  For me, this wasn’t the case, and with a scientific background I really resisted acknowledging the existence of these ‘unseen’ energies for years.  That was until I trained in Reiki over 12 years ago and gradually started to experience a variety of these energies for myself.  I’d say, ‘seeing is believing’, except, often for me it is often more about ‘feeling’ and other forms of sensing.

What I do know to be true, is that just because you don’t believe in these energies, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 


What are the signs and symptoms of intrusive energy attachment?

For some the effects can be quite subtle and just contribute to the daily niggles that you get used to.  For others, these energies dramatically impact their life causing them a wide variety of unsettling signs and symptoms.

The most common symptoms include:

·       A feeling of ‘it’s not me’, foreign sensations, thoughts and emotions

·       Changes in behaviour, likes/dislikes and personality

·       Unexplained fatigue, sleep issues, possibly nightmares

·       Headaches and/or other tension related sensations throughout the body

·       A lowering of mood or sudden mood swings, depression and anxious feelings

·       New addictions or an increase in previous usage, compulsions

·       Hearing voices

·       Unexplained sexual behaviour, promiscuity, sexual orientation preference

·       Loss of memory/blackout, lashing out, involuntary movement and speech

·       Feeling something moving inside your body or energy field, especially when relaxing

As many of these symptoms could also be caused by other physical, mental or emotional issues it's always recommended that you see your doctor or relevant specialist to ensure the root cause isn’t something that needs a completely different type of treatment.

Due to the nature of symptoms, intrusive energy attachment is often confused with mental illness. Although it may be one or the other, often both exist, as one can trigger and amplify the other.  Clearing the person may help any underlying condition become more manageable.

Causes of Intrusive Energy attachment

Historically, and unfortunately to this day, some people still believe that there is something wrong or bad about a person who finds themselves with spirit attachments.  In fact, there can be numerous reasons why a person may be susceptible to attracting these energies, such as:

·       Boundary issues

o   you have a natural openness and want to help others

·       Line of work; energy workers, therapists, healthcare workers, firemen, police

·       Exposure to overwhelmingly strong energy from a trauma or trauma site

·       Resonance between you and the intrusive energy

o   This can be unresolved emotional wounds, such as fear, loneliness, anger

o   Similar addictions - drink, drugs, cigarettes

o   Experienced sexual or other abuse

·       Vulnerability due to a weakened energy system

o   you are ill or injured, have been in an accident or had a shock

o   extreme emotional states and ‘out of body experiences’

o   been under general anaesthetic or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

o   you are experiencing a spiritual awakening

o   you are doing deep emotional clearing

o   imbalances caused by your environment; physical emotional and mental

·       Soul contracts

There are certain places where you are more likely to pick up ‘unwanted visitors’.  These include anywhere associated with heightened emotional energy, trauma and death, such as:

·       hospitals, hospices, care homes

·       funeral homes, burial sites

·       battlegrounds and concentration camps.

Visiting sacred sites and earth energy hot spots can also increase your vulnerability.


Intrusive energies in your home

Intrusive energies can also be found in your home and possessions.  They may contribute to a variety of effects on your health and wellbeing, including anxiety, depression and stress; headaches; fatigue, and may be affecting your sleep.

There are suggestions of wider ranging effects contributing to inflammatory conditions, cancers ​and other health conditions from some of the EMF energies.  Whilst there is conflicting evidence on this, there are some individuals that are more sensitive than others.


Perhaps you are trying to sell your house but are having difficulties that can’t be explained by the price, physical condition or location of the property. Maybe you are having regular issues with your electrics, boiler or water pipes with no explainable cause. This may have an energetic source and can be resolved very quickly.


​You may even feel that your house is haunted and experience weird things happening, like strange noises, slamming doors, smells or moving objects. It may seem scary, but generally there is no harm intended.  It could just be that an earthbound spirit or energy is trying to get your attention or they are just confused, upset, angry or frightened.  These spirits are helped to move on with love and compassion to a better place for them, so they don’t return.


What does a clearing involve?

There are several stages to an Intrusive energy clearing and healing:

1.       You answer some questions so I can check if a clearing is appropriate for you.

2.       I perform the clearing and healing remotely and record my findings (up to 90 minutes)

3.       I give you feedback about my findings via video link (Zoom).  I also empower you to take responsibility for your own energy with some basic energy management tools (20 minutes).

4.       You receive an Aftercare Leaflet, explaining what to expect after a clearing.  It includes  some energy management tools for you to use.

5.       I follow-up to check how you are and to answer any additional questions you may have.

You can choose what you want to be cleared:

1.       Personal energy (£70)

2.       Children under 18, your pets and your ancestral line (£70)

3.       Your property - home, garden, car (£70)

4.       ALL the above - 1, 2 and 3 (special offer £147)

5.       Black magic (£70)

What intrusive energies are cleared?

I use a comprehensive protocol to ensure a thorough clearing.  For personal, children, pets and ancestors it includes:

·       Any Intrusive energies with consciousness such as earthbound spirits (ghosts); elementals; ET and alien entities.

·       Intrusive energies with group/program consciousness such as implants; nanobots; mind control; AI; portals; stargates.

·       Any form of Black Magic, including, but not limited to curses, spells, hexes….

·       External energy emitted from the living such as collective consciousness emotional/thought form energy (non-personal); emotional energy from others/thought forms (personal connection); psychic attack (personal connection)

·       Any other intrusive energies not specifically included above (just because we don’t know it exists, doesn’t mean it doesn’t!)

All intrusive energies with consciousness are treated with love and compassion, whilst ensuring they leave.  Earthbound spirits are taken ‘to the light’, often with the assistance of their loved ones.

If I find Black Magic when doing a general clearing, I will clear everything else and then advise you during the feedback call.  Black Magic needs to be done as a separate session as it can have a huge impact.  Clearing everything at one time may be too much for your system to cope with. 


If you are already aware that you have been affected by Black Magic you can choose to have this clearing first.  I would generally recommend that you follow it up with a personal clearing as the Black Magic will have left you more vulnerable to other entities.  However, this is your choice.


The main difference between the ‘Personal clearing’ and the ‘Children, ancestors and pets’ is that the ‘Personal clearing’ provides more information about the intrusive energies that are specifically affecting you.  With the ‘Children, ancestors and pets’ only more generalised information is provided.



This clearing covers your home, any land it sits on, your car and your regular workplace.

In addition to the intrusive energies described above, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) within your home and from the earth and areas around your home can affect your sleep, cause headaches, insomnia and other health issues.  These may be caused by made-made and natural sources.


·      electricity pylons, phone masts

·      smart meters, electrical wiring, electrical appliances

·      mobile phones, laptops, cordless phones, microwaves, wi-fi routers and baby monitors.


Natural EMFs are often described as Geopathic Stress.  This is natural radiation that rises from the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by:

·       subterranean running water (water veins)

·       fault lines

·       ground mixing of different minerals

·       various energy grid lines (eg Hartmann, Curry and Ley lines).  Where these lines cross can be particularly troublesome.

These EMFs can be cleared and energies redirected so that the home is healthier for you, your family and the earth.  As these energies will build up again over time, maintenance clearings may be useful to minimise these energies.