Soul Purpose Readings

Why have a Soul Purpose reading?

A Soul Purpose reading gives you:

  • A reminder of your true essence and purpose for being here.
  • Answers to why you've experienced life in the way that you have.
  • Deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Illuminates your talents so you can own and step into them.
  • Guidance on meeting life’s challenges to reveal your hidden strengths and opportunities.
  • A life map to guide you towards your highest potential and most fulfilling life.

It takes you from wherever you are and gives guidance for your onward journey.  It can really help shift things if you are feeling stuck, lacking in self confidence or you are not clear on your direction.  It is illuminating, validating and empowering.   


What is a Soul Purpose Reading?

The Soul Purpose System is based on ancient numerology.  Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, western numerology and a great mystic and philosopher said:

“Numbers are the language of the Universe”

All creation, from the largest to the smallest can be reduced to numbers. By understanding that everything in the world is dependent on and can equate to numbers, a numerologist can take multiple elements of a person and break them down into meaningful numbers through various methods.

The underlying foundations for this Soul Purpose System can be found in the ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ or ‘The Book of Creation’, one of the oldest, most profound mystical texts on Jewish esotericism influencing the schools of the Kabbalists and Alchemists. It speaks of a creation theory and describes the mystical meanings of the sounds of the 22 letters of the sacred Hebrew language, which it says were the original sources of our universe and reality.  These 22 letters can also be found in the tree of life (sacred geometry) and correspond to the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot.

Each of these 22 letters is assigned a number and has a particular phonetic sound, energetic frequency and characteristics associated with it.

Every word we speak and every thought and emotion has its own frequency - and importantly for this system, so does the name that you identify yourself with.  The sound vibration of your name is creating your reality.


Frank Alpner, a pioneer in universal wisdom and knowledge further developed this system in his ’Spiritual Numerology of Moses’ work.  He provided the Star of Creation Gematria method (Gematria is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters) which describes a specific conversion from your full birth name into the Hebrew alphabet and assigns the numbers or codes to various positions on a Star of David. 

These numbers, their position on the Star of David and the characteristics they hold, allows your Soul Purpose and destiny to be decoded.

Here is an example using my current name:

How does a Soul Purpose reading work?

A Soul Purpose reading is based on 90 minutes’ preparation time before we meet, and up to 90 minutes via Zoom to take you through your reading.

In addition, you will also receive the following:

  • a copy of your star profile
  • a recording of your session

One of the greatest keys to a happy and fulfilling life is truly connecting with a sense of purpose.  A Soul Purpose reading will help you align with your highest potential and most fulfilling life.

This is an investment in yourself, a gift that keeps giving, as each time you read it, you will gain more and more insights and invaluable information.

To give you an idea of what you could experience, here are a couple of my recent testimonials.


Tina is a true oracle, and her reading of my life’s true destiny was deeply insightful, and amazingly accurate, shedding light on some life long unanswered questions. Tina was intuitive, sensitive and non judgemental when describing my life challenges, which she did with amazing accuracy. Her reading has been healing and transformative, which I feel has given me more clarity and focus in my path ahead. The whole experience was a magical revelation. Thankyou with all my heart Tina.” MS, London.


Tina made me feel at ease immediately, and took me through key concepts and her reading with care, sensitivity and clarity. I felt strong resonance as the reading was being given, and take away from it affirmation about my journey so far, and enthusiasm and motivation for what is to come. Highly recommended. NP, West Meon.