About me

I am a holistic healer and guide offering personalised empowering transformations for all aspects of life. 

Energy forms the basis of much of my work.  From using numerology and the vibration of your name to unlock your Soul Purpose; clearing intrusive, harmful energies from you, your family and home; through to energy healing using VortexHealing®, Shantihi Reiki, Energetic NLP and other energies.

Most of my working life has been in the medical field, initially as a pharmacist and then in research and development.  I combine scientific knowledge with intuition and a variety of NLP techniques and other therapies to find root causes for health conditions as well as helping to relieve symptoms.

I love to guide and empower people to take action and support their own healing and transformation.  

Whether you need a one-off session to de-stress and relax you or ongoing support with physical and emotional healing, please contact me to book an appointment or just have a chat to find out how I can help you.