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Come with me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. I will guide and empower you, illuminating a path towards your highest potential and most fulfilling life aligned with your soul purpose.

Starting with a Soul Purpose Reading we will unravel the reason for your life path so far and find the signposts for your ongoing journey: reminding you of your talents and how you can use them to meet any challenges; clear what is holding you in the past; release you from fears, anxiety and any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. There will be aspects of illumination, transmutation and transformation as we go.

I will be guiding, catalysing and taking you through magical experiences, using a blend of therapies, techniques, intuition, scientific knowledge and wisdom. You will be empowered to delve deeper, gaining insight and clarity with tools and techniques to illuminate and overcome your challenges, claim your sovereignty and activate your inner alchemist.

Your journey will be unique, individually tailored for you.

However, the following will give you a flavour of what it might include:

  • An upgrade of your Soul Blueprint to catalyse your alignment with your highest potential and most fulfilling life.

  • Intrusive energy clearing & spirit release with guidance on energy sovereignty.

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Clearing of limiting beliefs and support for self esteem and self worth issues using NLP techniques such as Timeline Therapy, a clearing ceremony and/or energy healing.

  • A reminder of your inherent gifts and talents, empowering you to fully activate them.

  • Illumination of your shadow aspects; guidance and energy clearings to transmute them, uncovering the potential gifts and opportunities they offer.

  • Support and guidance for anyone on an awakening path, particularly those experiencing weird phenomena and opening up of psychic senses.

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It can give you greater clarity about why you are here, your true essence and what you are capable of…… if you activate your inherent talents to overcome the challenges in life and reveal your greatest opportunities.

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