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I have always loved using Essential Oils for their health-giving properties and the positive impact they have on my emotions and state of mind. In my pharmacy degree I specialised in medicines from natural sources and really learnt to appreciate how powerful Essential Oils can be, whether they are applied to the skin or inhaled. More recently I trained as an aromatherapist to deepen my knowledge in this area.

I diffuse various blends of Essential Oils to help with focus and concentration, for motivation, to lift my spirits. I love diffusing Frankincense when I meditate. I tend to reach for my Essential Oils as my first line first aid kit for those day-to-day health niggles.

Over the years I have experienced multiple chemical sensitivities.  To reduce my toxic load, I now make most of my own personal care and household cleaning products. I use Essential Oils in these products, not just for for their cleansing and healing properties but also because they smell so much better than artificial fragrances and without their potential harmful effects.


Most Essential Oils we can buy are not safe to be taken internally. They vary considerably in quality, with some containing carrier oils, pesticides or other contaminants, whilst others may just be synthetic copies of the major constituents of a natural oil (some oils naturally contain over a hundred different compounds).  Unfortunately, a description of ‘100% pure’ on the label does not mean that it only contains natural, unadulterated Essential Oil. If you want to use Essential Oils for your health and emotional wellbeing, I strongly recommend that you research the company and its oils before you buy.


I now use doTERRA Essential Oils  because I trust the quality of their oils. Many of their oils can safely be taken internally, whether that is to enhance the flavour of food, in a capsule or added to water. I always prefer using food grade ingredients because much of what we inhale or put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream and is circulated around our bodies,  It is important to note that there are some Essential Oils that should never be taken internally, regardless of their source and purity.

If you want a one-off-purchase of an Essential Oil you can buy direct at the full retail price from here.  


However, if the following sounds more appealing, then please arrange a free Discovery call to find out more.

  • the opportunity to buy your oils at a 25% discount

  • a free Health & Wellbeing consultation giving you advice on how the oils can address your specific needs

  • ongoing advice

  • access to a friendly and supportive community of Essential Oil lovers



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