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Free Discovery Call

Arrange a 20 minute Discovery Call if you want to find out more about any

of the therapies I offer and whether they would be suitable for you.


Soul Purpose System


Mini Soul Purpose Reading £47

Soul Purpose Readings: £147

Overlay Reading: £127

Relationship Reading: £127

Name Optimisation

Name Optimisation: £333

Baby Name Optimisation: £333

Soul Blueprint Upgrade

Soul Blueprint Upgrade: £77

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval: £77

Intrusive Energy Clearing

& Spirit Release


Personal energy


Children under 18, pets and ancestral line



home, garden, car



1-10 people: £97

11-100: £147

101+ £197

Black magic


Soul Evolution Journey

8 week transformational experience


Holistic Healing & Guidance

NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Mind Detox, Energetic NLP

£77 an hour

NLP: Generally, between one and three sessions are sufficient, depending on the issue.

Time Line Therapy: Usually a three hour session is sufficient. If preferred, this can be

done as two sessions of 90 minutes.

Energetic NLP: The number of sessions required will depend on the issue.

Mind Detox: Generally, an initial session of 90 minutes (£115.50) followed by one

or two sessions of an hour each is sufficient to address an issue.

I work holistically and specialise in blending the many therapies I use to get the best for

each person, so if you come to me with a particular issue you may experience one or

several therapies in a single session.

However, if you only want to experience:

 Vortex Healing® or Shantihi Reiki


Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation techniques:

£60 an hour

Course of 4 pre-paid sessions: £197

Energy healing can be booked for relaxation and stress relief as a one-off appointment or

on a more regular basis to enhance the benefits. If you are wanting to work on a specific

physical or emotional issue this may require several sessions.

Energy healing can also be booked as a follow-on after any of the other therapies above.

As a follow-on, a 30 minute session is available for £30.


Payment is requested in advance in Sterling (£ GBP).

Details for payment by BACs, Wise or a PayPal link will be sent to you as soon as an

appointment is booked. Please state your preference.

Invoices can be provided on request. You may be able to put the payment through your

accounts if you have your own business or an employer who will pay for stress

management, personal development/coaching or business coaching.

Flexible payment terms or fair exchange may be possible. If that’s what you need, let’s

have a chat about it.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available on request


The investment for individual sessions is provided above.

If you want to deepen your experience and really catalyse your onward journey, whilst making great savings, have a look at the various packages I have on offer.

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It can give you greater clarity about why you are here, your true essence and what you are capable of…… if you activate your inherent talents to overcome the challenges in life and reveal your greatest opportunities.

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