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Intrusive Energy
& Spirit release

Blueprint upgrade
& Soul Retrieval

Energy that isn’t yours can be harmful if it remains within your physical body & wider

energy field. It can cause a variety of unwanted physical, emotional & spiritual effects.

I can clear you, your loved ones & your home

Readings to give insight into your life and Soul Purpose or your relationships;  

to optimise your name or your baby's name.

 Soul Blueprint Upgrade

Soul Retrieval.

Would you like to find out more about me, how I work and how I could support you?


Get in touch for your free 20 minute 

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Is a way of finding and healing emotional root causes for issues in your life.


Using this method you can target specific things you want to change or improve from chronic conditions, emotional issues, relationships and help to clear blocks to enjoying more abundance

Does a small incident make you incandescent with rage?


Do you get palpitations and a churning stomach just at the thought of something?


Do you want to feel in control of your emotions rather than have them control you?

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How would you like to have an hour to yourself just relaxing and being able to totally chill out?

This is an ideal introduction to meditation if you haven't meditated before and can be used alongside other forms of meditation if you meditate already. 

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  • Do you have any niggling health issues?

  • Is falling or staying asleep a problem for you?

  • Do you want a natural solution to support your health and emotional wellbeing?

  • Are you wanting to be more eco-friendly and reduce your toxic load?

  • Would you like a calm, relaxed atmosphere, need uplifting or want to feel more focused?


If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions,

Essential Oils could be just what you need.

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A holistic system of energetic healing used to heal the body, transform emotional patterns and promote spiritual growth.

This is available as distance healing, in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.


Can be done via Zoom or with a short phone call at the beginning and end of the session.

When the flow of energy in your body is disrupted or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused by many situations that can occur in your life, such as emotional or physical trauma, injury or negative thoughts and feelings.


Reiki can help to restore the balance.




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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) looks at the way in which you think (Neuro), the language you use (Linguistic) and your behaviour (Programming) and how these interact to have a positive or negative effect on you.

Energetic NLP combines the best of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), transformational energy work and energy healing.

It can be used to work on emotional issues and physical conditions.

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8 week transformational journey 

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Over the course of 5 years I’d been to many healers & experienced & trained in various healing modalities however 2020 was a deeply challenging and exhausting year emotionally until I was introduced to Tina. 

I’d been experiencing a lot of extreme behaviour that well simply didn’t feel like me, Tina’s deep compassion, care and clarity helped remove what felt like a mini community of spirits from my energy field and ancestral programs and restore my sense of sovereignty over my own energy. Within a couple of weeks lots began to shift and I feel like I’m getting my life back... The most thorough and transformational energy clearing and healing I’ve had. I will be sending more people your way.


Thank you from every layer of my being for being here

& sharing your gifts.



Doula, Designer & Director


Intrusive Energy Clearing

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