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Energetic NLP



Powerful and transformative energies are channelled during a session, creating a healing space which can enable change to take place. Simple yet dynamic and highly effective techniques are used to assist you to heal, which can be taught to enable the exercises to be continued at home.

ENLP can be extremely effective at helping you clear others' energies from your energy field and can have a profound impact on releasing emotions, blocks, limiting beliefs and thoughts, ancestral baggage, energy cords, karma and programming that are buried in your subconscious mind, energy and even your cells. With this release, increasing levels of your own true energy can be brought in, which can have deeply rooted and rippling effects on your overall wellbeing and your life.

It is possible to work with you at an energetic level without knowing the specific details of what you want to work on. This can be of real benefit if you find it difficult to talk about the issue that you want to deal with.  Energy and the mind and body are part of the same system - so emotions, physiological responses, perceptions, internal processing, energetic flows and behaviours all occur simultaneously and are dynamic. Each influences the other - everything is connected.

ENLP is built on a foundation of belief that energy is the fabric of which everything in the universe is made, from the solidly physical to the ethereal, including emotions and beliefs. If you change the underlying energetic structure of something, it changes.

This work recognises that we are all complex beings, full of paradoxical and conflicting beliefs and programming, and that release and healing needs to take place on a number of different levels.

A core concept of quantum mechanics is wave-particle duality, which holds that all objects have both particle and wave nature. Particles exist in only one place at any moment in time (i.e. they have locality) but waves exist in many places at the same time (non-locality). Because all objects have a wave nature, and waves are non-local, then all objects are non-local too (i.e. they exist in many places at once). This non-locality allows us to perceive and work with people and energies that may be a considerable distance from us, allowing me to do sessions at a distance with anyone in the world.

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