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Shantihi Reiki


Reiki is a natural therapy in which healing is performed by the touch of the hands, allowing the energy to flow into you. It is an extremely powerful, yet gentle energy. It can be equally effective when sent as distance healings, so you stay in the comfort of your own home whilst the energy flows.

When the flow of energy in your body is disrupted or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused by many situations that can occur in your life, such as emotional or physical trauma, injury or negative thoughts and feelings. Reiki can help to restore the balance.


Shantihi Reiki combines traditional Reiki with other energy techniques. Most people wouldn’t be aware of the difference, although I have been told by one person that it is more gentle and others that it is like turbo charged Reiki. That may be more to do with what each person needed rather than the energy itself.


Try it for yourself. I think you’ll love it!

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