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Mindfulness & Meditation



How would you like to have an hour to yourself just relaxing and being able to totally chill out?

The guided meditations that I use initially take you through a gradual relaxation of your muscles. Because your mind and body are connected your mind can’t help but become quieter and more relaxed when your body is relaxed. I then take you on a beautiful relaxing journey. It may be through a forest or along a warm sunny, sandy beach. Wherever we go, it will be to a place of calm relaxation. I then bring you back gradually, allowing you time to come back into the room and stretch, leaving you feeling chilled out and relaxed but alert enough to get on with life.


This is an ideal introduction to meditation if you haven't meditated before and can be used alongside other forms of meditation if you meditate already. You can choose to sit or lie down, whatever is most comfortable for you. The Lotus position is definitely not a requirement but feel free if that works for you!

Guided Meditations can be combined with energy healing for the ultimate in relaxation.

Individually tailored sessions or courses

I also offer one-off or regular sessions specifically for you or a group of friends or colleagues, where you can choose whether you want to focus on guided meditations, meditation, mindfulness

meditations, relaxation techniques or a mix of any of these.

Please call me so we can find the best way to help you find your inner peace and joy.

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