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Name Optimisation



Ready to birth the new you into existence?

This powerful alchemical process works by making a tweak or a change to your name, thereby uploading a whole new blueprint of experiences for you, which are encompassed in the energy frequencies of your new name, in order to transform and enhance your reality.


The sound of your name is creating your reality

The sound of your name is responsible for creating your programming and your experience of reality. Every name you use is an extra layer of sound vibration, shifting your frequency and altering the direction of your life path. Each name you use either helps or hinders your ability to transmute the shadow, activate your talents and align you with your goals.  Each name you use has the power to transform your reality in a way that serves you, or in a way that complicates and creates additional obstacles to overcome.

The concept of a name change can seem quite strange at first but it's worth remembering that it has been used by ancient traditions for a very long time. A new name would be given by a Rabbi or Tribal Elder when someone's life was painful or they became seriously ill and it would be considered that they'd been reborn.

The change of name need not be radical. It may just involve a tweak to your existing name, like changing or adding a middle name or slightly altering the spelling. However, if it feels right to you, then you can choose to completely change your name. The decision is entirely yours.


Name optimisation sessions are always undertaken from the perspective of creating the perfect frequencies for your chosen path or destiny. Optimising a name accelerates you into the next phase of your life by transforming your destiny. You change your name: You change your game.

What does a Name Optimisation include?


A full Soul Purpose Reading

A Name Optimisation Preparation document containing advice and questions

My research in advance of the Zoom call (90 minutes)

A 90 minute Zoom call to review the findings and proposed name.


Occasionally, if this initial session does not result in a name that you love, a further session may be required.


Get in touch to find out more or to book a session.

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