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Relationship Reading



Following an initial Soul Purpose Reading, the Relationship Reading then delves deeper into the insights that your birth name gives into how you behave in relationship.

This will include your positive attributes and also shadow aspects that may appear when you are tired, stressed or your buttons are pushed. It may highlight patterns that you weren’t aware of, allowing you to address them.


After looking at how you behave in relationship, I then focus on the other person

or people that you are wanting the relationship reading for.  I describe the general characteristics of the other person/people, together with how they're likely to react in relationship.


I also look at the codes inherent in your names and take you through how your codes interact and how that is likely to play out in a relationship, the good, the bad and in some cases, the ugly.  This can highlight where things are likely to be smooth and harmonious, the potential for a similar outlook on life, plus where there may be challenges and clashes and the reasons for that.

With greater understanding of yourself and those you are in relationship with and clarity on why conflicts and misunderstandings may arise it allows you to have greater insight and opportunities to heal and improve these relationships. For many it also brings a renewed awareness and appreciation for aspects of those you are in relationship with that maybe you have taken for granted.

What does a Session Involve?

A full Soul Purpose Reading is a prerequisite for a Relationship Reading. These can be purchased together in a special package price.  For a couple in relationship I can prepare a reading for just one person in that relationship or both. If both partners would like a reading I generally recommend that the readings are done separately.  


If you are wanting to find out more about your wider family relationships, I can include up to five people in the reading (six including you).  There will be less detail on each individual in this reading compared with a reading for a couple.  

What is included?

I prepare the reading in advance (about 90 minutes), using the full birth names as described on the birth certificate, then you will recieve:

A 60 minute Zoom session

I take you through the reading and give you the opportunity to ask questions.


A recording of your reading.

Available on request.

Relationship Reading document

A copy of the full Relationshp Reading, as prepared in advance. 

For details of the Soul Purpose Reading/Relationship Reading packages and other great value packages, click below.

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