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Soul Blueprint Upgrade



Having delved deep into your Soul Blueprint in a Soul Purpose Reading you may be ready to catalyse yourself into closer alignment with your true soul essence with a Soul Blueprint Upgrade.

I facilitate this upgrade with loving assistance from the higher realms. It can be performed as a ceremony via Zoom, or I can activate the changes while you focus inwards in your own space, with the opportunity to talk afterwards. 


Your Soul Blueprint is restored and upgraded to either the point where it first split from Source or to the point where choices were first made which took you out of alignment with your true soul essence:  whichever is more appropriate for you.

The upgrade includes the following:

Healing of physical body, balancing chakras, clearing dense energies

Transmutation of all Creation Code shadow programmes

Activation of all Creation Code gifts & talents

Clearing of Karma – past life and current life

Intuitive channel re-connection

Balance of polarity themes

Acceleration of your ascension process

Balance of Masculine/feminine energies

Clearing of blocks to giving & receiving unconditional love

Clearing of all current and past life vows, deeds, covenants, promises and contracts

Grace to allow the appropriate embodiment of your soul essence ………and more

All changes are made with the full permission of, and in collaboration with your higher self.  The upgrade is made to the extent that your soul feels appropriate at this time.  Any aspects that do not resonate with you will not be activated.

Get in touch to find out more or book a session.

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