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Soul Retrieval


When we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence or soul consciousness sometimes separates from us. This helps us survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain.  This could occur after an accident; loss of a loved one; physical or sexual abuse; a serious operation or illness; or any other traumatic event.  It may have happened in a past life or this one.  Some also consider you can leave part of your vital essence in a place you love, such as a favourite holiday destination or old home.  Soul retrieval uses ancient techniques to returns this vital essence to us. 



How do you know if you have experienced soul loss?

The following are often associated with soul loss.  If any of these apply to you, it is possible you have experienced soul loss.

  • Have you experienced a trauma, serious illness or loss?

  • Do you sometimes feel incomplete and disconnected from life?

  • Have you ‘never been the same’ since experiencing a particular event?

  • Do you have:

    • chronic depression and/or suicidal tendencies?

    • post-traumatic stress syndrome?

    • an auto-immune disorder or recurrent illnesses?

    • grief that never seems to heal?

    • difficulty moving on after a traumatic event?

    • addictions; alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex…?

    • a propensity to pick up lower frequency energy attachments?


What Is Soul Retrieval?


Similar to a healing session, this can be done via Zoom or just with a message to say the session is starting and finishing, whichever you prefer.  You relax somewhere comfortable that you won’t be disturbed, whilst I facilitate the return of your ‘missing’ soul essence with help from the higher realms. 

A healing is performed so the returned soul essence is no longer feeling the pain.  Any fragments of souls you have picked up that don’t belong to you will also be cleared. 


I do not need to know any details about the trauma that resulted in the soul loss to successfully carry out a Soul Retrieval, however, if sharing that information would be of help to you, then please share.  For some, the details have been blanked out because they are too painful, for others the event may be in a past life and any memory not accessible to them at this time.

What are the potential benefits of Soul Retrieval?

  • Ability to heal from a trauma

  • A feeling of being ‘whole’ again

  • May help addictions

  • Removal of unexplained fears and phobias

  • Increased vitality

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Positive changes or closure in relationships

  • Feeling more connected and present in your body

  • Stronger intuitive connection

  • A more positive outlook on life

  • More at peace with yourself and your past



The benefits of a Soul Retrieval can be dramatic.  For some, this may lead to feeling very tired in the following hours, as the body integrates the changes.  It is recommended that the body is allowed to rest and readjust and this may require taking a day off following the session.  Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial.  Interesting dreams may be experienced over the following few days.


If you would like to know more or to book a Soul Retrieval session, please get in touch.

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