Holistic Healer & Guide

Transformative holistic healing and guidance using Soul Purpose readings, energy healing and many other therapies.  

Intrusive Energy Clearance & Spirit Release to remove harmful energies from you and your home.

If you would like to find out more about how I work or any of the therapies I use, please have a look through my website or contact me to arrange a chat.  

Most of my therapies continue to be available from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.


Intrusive Energy Clearing

'Tina, Thank you, from the top-of-my-heart for your energy clearing, which I can only say had immediate and spectacular results. I had a substantial spiritual experience many years ago, which ensures that I could not confuse the results of your work with an occasional change in fortune. Firstly, your psychic reading/clearing was accurate over 25-30 years and across a number of private matters that you could not have known before. A weight was lifted from me and important insights gained. Secondly, within a week, four or five major events occurred directly, that connect my long-term life goals and my immediate personal, psychological, social and financial needs. I simply don't know what more I can say, except I would, and will, recommend your service to the spiritually inclined. Thanks, so much' Dr Robert B. UK

Over the course of 5 years I’d been to many healers and experienced and trained in various healing modalities however 2020 was a deeply challenging and exhausting year emotionally until I was introduced to Tina, I’d been experiencing a lot of extreme behaviour that well simply didn’t feel like me, Tina’s deep compassion, care and clarity helped remove what felt like a mini community of spirits from my energy field and ancestral programs and restore my sense of sovereignty over my own energy. Within a couple of weeks lots began to shift and I feel like I’m getting my life back... The most thorough and transformational energy clearing and healing I’ve had. I will be sending more people your way Tina. Thank you from every layer of my being for being here and sharing your gifts. JJ Portugal

I’m finding the effects of the healing quite profound.  So much forgiveness has come forward for myself.  It’s quite overwhelming.  Among other things ST, UK

Soul Purpose Readings 

Tina is a true oracle, and her reading of my life’s true destiny was deeply insightful, and amazingly accurate, shedding light on some life long unanswered questions. Tina was intuitive, sensitive and non judgemental when describing my life challenges, which she did with amazing accuracy. Her reading has been healing and transformative, which I feel has given me more clarity and focus in my path ahead. The whole experience was a magical revelation. Thankyou with all my heart Tina.” MS, London


Tina made me feel at ease immediately, and took me through key concepts and her reading with care, sensitivity and clarity. I felt strong resonance as the reading was being given, and take away from it affirmation about my journey so far, and enthusiasm and motivation for what is to come. Highly recommended. NP, UK